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Auto Moto pôle Great Prize

For the first time in the region the unique ‘MOTOPOLE ‘ Concept, provides
the possibility of a large recreational village complex, specifically designed
to offer in one inclusive top-of-the-range area, all the facilities imaginable to
excel the needs of the worlds millions of motor bike, quad bike, cyclist,
walkers plus their families and friends.
The facilities shall include International standard Grand Prix motor bike racing
track(s); motor cross, cycling and mountain bike - cross country course(s);
numerous cycles and walking/jogging tracks etc – thereby, attracting world
class competitions, competitors and resultant supporters.
Such facilities shall also become a tourist attraction in its own right, with millions
of people wishing to benefit from the MOTOPOLE experience.
These activities shall be further enhanced by hotels; residential units; restaurants;
malls/shops; bike support facilities; training schools; training /learning facilities; etc.
The scale and scope is flexible and could be expanded to include indoor ‘bike’ and
recreation facilities like a velodrome, gymnasium, swimming pool.

The MOTOPOLE Concept is only restricted by access to funding and the IMAGINATION !