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Jean Ferrando Architect Jean Ferrando Architect

Born in Agen, France - Jean Followed in his families passion and tradition of construction and architecture. He graduated with honours from the French National School of Architecture and landscape .

His expertise was developed further with specialised studies in planning, navel architecture, special structures, during which time he won awards from the French Academy of Fine Arts and the French Aerospace Museum. Since he has won many awards and has received numerous honours in France, Switzerland and Belgium- see LIST below for further details.

In 1984 Jean became the CEO of the Family business in Agen and has continued in its development, whilst ensuring the retention of its standards and enhancing reputation.


3ième  GREAD PRIZE of ARCHITECTURE of Institut of France, Académie des Beaux-Arts (Former Grand Prix de Rome)


3ième PRIZE of STEEL (O.T.U.A.) A Aerospace Museum of Sciences and the futur land of la Villette in Paris.



* Elected PRESIDENT of UNPI 47 (National Union of Property Owners and Agen Lot et Garonne ( ± 63% ownership in the Lot et Garonne)

* Director of the federation UNPI * National Union of Property Owners in PARIS ( 120 rooms of owners)
Member of the Board of Directors QUALITEL (quality accommodation) PARIS .

* Member Board of the CNC * National Council for Construction PARIS .
Training Officer Sustainability UNPI Trainrebuild UIPI * International Union Real Property - BRUSSELS European Community .

* Member of Departmental Committees Lot et Garonne as : Vice President of ADIL 47, Right to Housing Opposable Lot et Garonne ( 47 DALO ) ANAH , CCBL , CCBC , CDGFP Commission to coordinate actions to prevent the expulsion rental ( CCAPEX ) , etc . ...

* Former Vice-President Association GRAND PRIX GRAND PRIX OF ROME & ARCHITECTURE : From the INSTITUT DE FRANCE Quai de Conti in PARIS
( G.P.R.G.P.A. seat street Bièvre PARIS ) .

* Legal Expert to the Court of Appeal of Agen in 2005.

* Former Vice President of CEJA Company Forensic Experts at the Court of Appeal of Agen .

* Advise the OEI Order of International Experts in GENEVA - SWITZERLAND since 2008.

* Chair of the Examining Committee QUALIBAT 47 (Lot et Garonne)-
qualification of business skills

* Expert near European Commission in BRUSSELS BELGIUM since 2013 (Horizon 2020 program expert)